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Celebrating the accomplishments of women globally

When exploring a city, can you tell what impact women had on it? No surprise if you find it difficult. SheSaw has discovered less than 700 statues across the world telling women’s stories, and less than 80 museums. We're not the first to notice this, some great initiatives already exist to increase the visibility of women and their contribution to society. But they face some big hurdles like costs and approval processes. This means that our women's history and their stories are going untold and unappreciated.

The SheSaw Story

SheSaw started as a travel company in February 2020, taking clients on tours that showed them the female story of a country and supported local women to gain economic independence. Covid changed our plans, but not our mission: Using storytelling to increase the visibility and empowerment of women.


SheSaw’s founders are Donna and James. Their shared passion for travel and storytelling inspired them to set up SheSaw. The two strong women who raised them, Robina and June, are the reason Donna and James know women should get the recognition they deserve.


10% of SheSaw’s profits go to UN Women Australia.

UN Women leads the largest global women’s equality and empowerment movement. When you empower a woman, communities benefit. Women who are healthy, educated, employed and part of decision-making processes, create more peaceful societies, more productive economies and more opportunities for others.

SheSaw is committed to creating this world. For everyone.