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Why is herstory so hard to find?

We started SheSaw because when we looked around the cities we visited, here and overseas, we couldn’t find women’s stories – herstory was literally missing from the map. It isn’t surprising when you think that only 4% of statues in the world are dedicated to women. The issue is, of course, money.


A single statue can cost $250,000, and it would take 24,000 statues to be built across the globe to create gender equity. That’s $6 billion. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Because statues don’t talk! Until now.

By downloading the SheSaw app, visitors can see beautiful digital artworks appear in front of them, and learn about the woman they are dedicated to. Individuals can even commission a statue themselves, and add women to the digital landscape who have made a difference.


10% of SheSaw’s profits go to UN Women Australia.

UN Women leads the largest global women’s equality and empowerment movement. When you empower a woman, communities benefit. Women who are healthy, educated, employed and part of decision-making processes, create more peaceful societies, more productive economies and more opportunities for others.

SheSaw is committed to creating this world. For everyone.